The New Zealand market is generally accepted as a high cost to serve market that has the added complexity of being geographically challenging.

In a highly promotionally-driven market where margins are constantly under pressure by a duopoly, alternative service models have become an attractive option. With the right partner, outsourcing sales is a cost-effective solution and a key strategic decision that can positively impact on your bottom line. You should have confidence that the partner you choose is the right one as this is the key to success. At Storelink, we’re all about Our Team, Your Brands.

At Storelink we are specialists in FMCG sales across the grocery and hardware channels. Our sales services range from a full-service model including full logistics (freight, warehousing and vendor management), brand management, field sales and key account management, territory management and strategic and operational planning.

We value transparency when engaging with our partners and utilise state of the art CRM technology to deliver superior insights which drive effective decision making.



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