Storelink are members of the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council and are proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated. We provide high quality retail sales and merchandising service solutions across a range of retail channels. 

A selection of our partners are profiled below

Mum Deoderant

  • We partnered with Mum Deodorants to offer Kiwi consumers this authentic, trusted global brand. 

  • 1888: The first deodorant. An unknown inventor from Philadelphia (USA) develops a waxy cream with a low content of antibacterial zinc oxide in 1888 - the first MUM deodorant was born. The MUM brand owes its name to a nurse of the inventor, who was nicknamed "Mum" Over 130 years of expertise.  

  • Since the introduction of the first deodorant, the formula has been continuously developed further. MUM has a wide range of fragrances for men and women and also offers deodorants without aluminium salts, alcohol or perfume. All products are vegan.


  • Chanui 100% New Zealand owned and operated. 

  • Doug Hastie (yes, that’s Doug on TV) worked overseas, and he came back to NZ in 2002 for good.  Doug always loves tea but struggled to find any good quality tea in New Zealand, so he decided to set up a tea business and set out on an adventure to visit the best plantations in Asia, travelling to: Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka. Chanui started with the name Chai and did leaf tea only as that was the preferred choice of tea connoisseurs. 

  • Now Chanui has a range of fantastic teas and biscuits available in most good grocery stores.

Sunshine Foods

  • Sunshine Foods is 100% NZ owned and manufacturer a popular brand of authentic premium frozen dumplings. Juicy Chinese Dumplin–s - No preservatives, artificial colour, or flavour. 

  • Storelink partnered with Sunshine Foods in early 2021, after seeing growth in convenience frozen products because of significant consumer demand driven the global pandemic. 

  • After a lot of hard work, we are excited to announce that Juicy Chinese Dumplings will be widely available across the market this summer in New World and Pak N Save markets across the North Island.  Enjoy these great tasting dumplings sold in over 150 local supermarkets and restaurants.

Nature's Organics

We are proud to represent and distribute the Natures Organics portfolio in New Zealand. Their mission goes beyond creating products that are kind to the earth. They are committed to developing and manufacturing high performance products which have the lowest possible negative impact on the health of our environment. 

Nature’s Organics, believes in creating environmentally responsible products of the best possible quality at the lowest possible price.  

Check out the website for how Natures Organic’s ‘Actions speak louder than words’:

    • Plant derived formulations 
    • Recycled packaging
    • Cruelty Free
    • Sustainable Palm Oil
    • Solar generated powered manufactured site

They aim to combine the best in green attributes with product qualities that meet their consumers expectations.  The result? With Natures Organics you can care for the planet without compromising on quality.

Brands include:

    • Organic Care and Fruits Haircare range  
    • Organic Care Kids range   
    • Funtime bubble bath    
    • UNDO THIS MESS laundry liquid
    • Cove cleaning products 
    • Earth Choice cleaning and laundry  


On the outside, we may seem like just another food company. But on the inside, we're a lot more than that.

We're a group of people who believe passionately in the potential of every New Zealander to enjoy a wholelicious life. The potential to be healthy, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. The potential to be happy. The potential to live life with a purpose.

And we believe good nutrition is integral to this journey. Because what you feed your body and your mind changes the way you feel.